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Tips on How to Apply a Furniture Decal

  • Wait at least 24 hours after painting to apply the transfer.
  • Make sure the piece is clean.
    • Keep in mind if there is any cleaner residue it may stick to the transfer making it impossible to then stick to your project.
    • If there is any possibility that dust and/or dust from sanding could have gotten on your project the dust will stick to transfer making it impossible to stick to your project.
  • Remove the white backing before you start rubbing it on. It seems simple but many of us have gotten so excited and forgot!
  • These transfers stick quickly and cannot be moved. So make sure they are in the right place before you remove the backing and place it down.
  • Always seal your transfers after they are on your projects. It is fine to seal with our Easy Peasy Spray Wax , Best Dang Wax, or Gator Hide.
  • Wax AFTER to seal, as transfers will not adhere to wax.
  • There is no need to seal glass windows or mirrors. You can wash the glass with water and a damp micro-fiber cloth made for glass. Do not use chemicals to wash the glass.
  • Don’t use oil-based poly to seal. When poly is recommended for sealing it is water based poly. Transfers do not like oil based products.
  • Make sure your transfers are stored at all times in the tube with the lids on so they cannot get dusty.

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