Question: Is Torch Paste food safe?

Answer: After applying and burning the wood with Torch Paste, we recommend that the surface be sealed with a food grade sealer. Some sealers require periodic re-application, so please read instructions carefully.


Question: How do you use Torch Paste?


∙ Sand your wood surface super smooth

∙ Lay your stencil where you want to design to be

∙ Apply a very thin layer of Torch Paste with a squeegee, palette, or similar

∙ Scrape off excess and return to the jar

∙ Let the paste absorb/dry for a minimum of two minutes

∙ Remove the stencil

∙ Pre-heat heat gun for a couple of minutes

∙ Keep the heat gun moving, slow and steady!

∙ Watch your design come to life!


Question: Which heat gun should I use?

Answer: A heat gun that is at least 1,000 watts and reaches a temperature of at least 775 F (400 C).


Question: What stencils should I use with Torch Paste?

Answer: Any adhesive, silkscreen, or regular stencils.


Question: I don't live in the United States, can you ship Torch Paste to my country?

Answer: Yes, we can.

 open torch paste jar, and a round piece of wood with a wood burned design of a campfire