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Furniture Decals - Blue Wave 34 x 24 - Furniture Decals
And image of a wave crashing down, laying over a parchment paper with generic old time handwriting on it.
Blue Wave furniture decal on a beige chest of drawers.
Furniture Decals - Blue Wave 34 x 24 - Furniture Decals

Decor Transfers® | Blue Wave

ReDesign with Prima
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If you like water, this Blue Wave furniture decal may be for you! This gorgeous image of a wave about to break with sunlight reflecting through it brings memories of stress-less days.

A relaxing design, Blue Wave furniture transfer by ReDesign with Prima is printed in color on a clear acetate sheet, and is cut into 2 or 3 sheets for easier application. The total design is 34 in (wide) x 24 in (tall). 

Here are some tips on how to apply these furniture decals.

* Images courtesy of ReDesign with Prima and their Brand Ambassadors.



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