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rub on transfer for furniture called VIN by Redesign with Prima. Words say "A meal without wine is like a day without sun".

Decor Transfers® | Vin

ReDesign with Prima
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Furniture decals by ReDesign with Prima are ready to use. No need to use water, nor prep before using. Each piece is exceptionally detailed and gorgeous. They can be used on walls, furniture, wood, glass, windows, and many more surfaces. The possibilities are endless.

"Vin" rub on transfer is a black and white image of a vineyard surrounded by French words that say "A meal without wine is like a day without sun".

You can use this rub on transfer on walls, furniture, wood, glass, doors and many more surfaces. The possibilities are endless. The transfer is easy to cut into pieces for easy application.

** Images courtesy of ReDesign with Prima website and Instagram


Design Size

26 in (wide) x 32 in (tall)

This transfer comes in a protective tube, together with a wood stick to help rub the transfer on to your piece.


Using These Decals

  • Remove the white backing before you start rubbing it on. It seems simple but many of us have gotten so excited and forgot! Also remember that typically these transfers stick quickly and cannot be moved. So make sure they are in the right place before you remove the backing and place it down.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after painting to apply the transfer.
  • Make sure the piece is clean. Keep in mind if there is any cleaner residue it may stick to the transfer making it impossible to then stick to your project.
  • Always seal your transfers after they are on your projects. It is fine to seal with wax. Rubbing wax on will not hurt your transfers.
  • Glass windows or mirrors do not need to be sealed. You can wash the glass with water and a damp micro-fiber cloth made for glass. Do not use chemicals to wash the glass.
  • Don’t use oil based poly to seal. When poly is recommended for sealing it is water based poly. Transfers do not like oil based products.
  • If there is any possibility that dust and/or dust from sanding could of gotten on your project the dust will stick to transfer making it impossible to stick to your project. Also make sure your transfers are stored at all times in the tube with the lids on so they can not get dusty.
  • Transfers will not adhere to wax. Wax after to seal, not before...
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out us.