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Dixie Belle Patina paint copper iron bronze
Dixie Belle Patina Paint (Copper Iron Bronze) - Chalk

Patina Paint | Copper, Iron, Bronze

Dixie Belle Paint
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Create REAL Rust and Patina with Dixie Belle's Patina Paints!

After one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, apply one coat of Patina Paint, let dry. Apply second coat of Patina Paint and while still wet, apply Patina Spray. Sit back and enjoy the magic!! Patina Paint incorporates real metal and naturally reacts as the patina spray is applied.

Link to Patina Spray:

Available in 8 oz.

You won't be disappointed with the quality of the product and the commitment to bringing you the best chalk mineral paint. Dixie Belle's Chalk Mineral Paints do not require wax or any type of sealant. They have an beautiful finish just the way it dries. If you take our finishing pads and give a quick buff....the finish will be as smooth as butter. No chalky feel like other chalk paints can leave.

Dixie Belle has a large assortment of waxes, top coats and glazes, allowing you to experiment with different finishes and looks. We always recommend you unleash your inner creativeness and experiment with our products. They are "easy peasy"  and fun to use!

We are a proud supplier of Dixie Belle Paint and stock all of their colors.