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Decoupage paper full of bunches of small roses  grouped in different colors. Pale pink. Light pink. Peach. Red. And across it all are words in cursive and typed, in both grays and white.

Decoupage Tissue Paper | Angelic Rose Garden

ReDesign with Prima
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Angelic Rose Garden decoupage paper by ReDesign with Prima has tons of roses and flowers throughout bunched together. The roses are pink, peach, pastel orange, and creams. Very angelic. The design is surrounded by a delicate lace design. And throughout there are words and sentences, both handwritten and typed, both in black and white.

Each sheet measures 30 inches x 19 inches and is cut into 2 pieces for easy shipping. The paper comes in its own personalized protective tube with caps on each end.

New to Decoupaging?

Here are some simple instructions on how to apply decoupage paper with Dixie Belle’s clear coat.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.