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4 oz container with lid
Small Round Plastic Container With Lid - Paint Brushes &

Small Round Plastic Container With Lid

Dixie Belle Paint
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Our small round 4 oz containers with lid are great for storage. It can be used as an herb container, powder container, and as a liquid container. The lid allows it to preserve the content and reserve it for a future date. This container is also super light and easy to store and stack.

This plastic container is easy to clean, so you can re-use it, again and again.

We like to use this container for any of our paint, when we've purchased a large amount.

We also use this container as a test environment for our paint. We like to mix a couple of paint colors, to find the one that is perfect for us ... and we prefer to do it in small amounts, in case we make a mistake and cannot use the new color.