Question: Do you haves to sand before using Dixie Belle Paint?

Answer: Though the paint has adhesive qualities about it, we recommend always sanding a bit (or at least scuffing up the surface) to get an even better grip.


Question: What is Dixie Belle Paint used for?

Answer: Though Dixie Belle Paint is marketed for painting furniture, it can also be used on walls, glass, ceramics, metal, mirrors, plastic, fabric, concrete, leather, even styrofoam or cardboard!


Question: How long does it take Dixie Belle chalk paint to cure?

Answer: It takes 30 days to cure.


Question: How many colors does Dixie Belle chalk paint have?

Answer: There are 64 colors.


Question: Do you have to seal Dixie Belle chalk paint?

Answer: No, but you can with a water-based sealer. Dixie Belle carries several.