How to use Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint

Using Dixie Belle Paint is very easy! Just follow these few simple steps.


Step 1

Clean your piece with White Lightning (only $5), or any other product that will help eliminate dust and dirtiness from your piece.

Step 2

Start with a DAMP brush. Don't forget to blot it after wetting it.

Step 3

Use only a small amount of paint. The damp brush will allow it to go a long way.

Step 4

Apply thin coats and allow to dry in between. About 10 minutes. Typically 2 coats is enough, though 3 is used when you have a light color and darker wood.

Step 5

Let your piece dry. About 15 minutes. At this time, you can use our Finishing Pad to buff the color out to a silky, smooth finish.

Curing takes 30 days, so make sure you give it that time so the color and paint locks in before you use the piece every day.

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