Jewels by Crystin -- A paint collection by Crystin Min









Owner of Eclat Design by Crystin, Crystin Min dipped her toes in creating a paint line (with Phenomena Paints) that she could be passionate about.

We asked her why she picked these colors. And here is what she said:

I am a furniture artist who is passionate about design and color is an important component of that. Over the years, I have used over a hundred paint colors from various brands. I saw the need for certain shades that weren’t quite the perfect color I needed.

A slight depth whether lighter or darker, a cold tone or warm tone, colors blended together, the tiny difference makes a huge impact. I also experience various qualities in paints which gave me the idea of what would be versatile and easy for a beginner to use. I love jewel tones because they have a rich depth.

They are also valuable and rare. We adorn ourselves with jewels because they are beautiful. They are birth from below the surface of the earth. Hidden until we find them. Color evokes different emotions.  It has an affect on what we feel. I chose colors that made me feel romance, delight, peace, and contemplation. Each one has a meaning for me and is carefully chosen to fulfill my desire to introduce new shades of color. It is also what I treasure and is meaningful.

Beautiful CharoiteA rare gemstone, it is a dark aubergine. I like to blend it with lighter colors in order to create a mysterious and 

Cleopatra’s PrideWho isn’t familiar with Cleopatra? Famous for her beauty she wore green eyeshadow made of malachite. Royal and regal is this shade of green.

Falling in LoveHow does one describe the feeling of descending into adoration? Falling in love for the first time can be passionate but I think the innocence of it to be pure and true. This is why it is a delicate color that is light and gentle.

Love and RomanceIt is a brighter purple that makes me feel alive. It has a royal, luxurious aspect which draws enthralls.

Mermaid’s Tale: I chose teal because of the blend of blue and green tones to create a deep shade of teal that is less bright than other teals and more rich in tone.

Paraiba’s TaleBlue is such a calming and spiritual color. I chose a shade that is lively and yet calm. It is what I feel when I am peaceful 

Pink MalayaI love femininity. To me it is a gentle and delicate sort of character which I find to be beautiful in a lovely way. This shade of pink is a bit dusky for a mature love.


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